Pupil Achievement

Analysis of Progress 2016/17

School Performance Tables can be accessed via the Department for Education Website.  www.gov.uk/dfe
Where pupil numbers are small, results are not published and the tables do not take account of children with lower starting points.

Summary of Progress - Early Years (1 pupil in cohort):

Prime Area

Physical Development

  • Pupil achieved ELG in both aspects of PD.
  • Pupil made 2 age bands of progress from entry and 8 sublevels of progress.

Progress in this area is outstanding and an area of strength.


  • Pupil achieved ELG in Managing Feelings and Behaviour and in Self-confidence and Self-awareness (2/3 ELG).

This reflects outstanding progress for both these aspects and there is an area of strength reflecting the appropriate communication environment, enabling pupils to express thoughts, feelings and ideas.

Communication and Language

  • Pupil achieved ELG in listening and attention
  • Pupil made 3 age bands of progress form entry to end of reception year in both Listening and Attention and in Understanding.

This is outstanding progress and reflects the appropriate communication system being used in school for this system, SSE.
Least progress in Speaking – reflecting the impact of deafness.

Specific Areas


  • Pupil made 3 age bands of progress in both Reading and Writing from entry to end of Reception year.
  • Pupil made 10 sublevels of progress within the age bands which is outstanding progress from starting point.
  • Although pupil didn’t’ achieve ELG she is operating within the 40-60month age band (CA – 4:11 = 59 months).

Progress in this area is outstanding and an area of strength.


  • Pupil made progress across both aspects from entry to end of Reception year
  • Strongest progress within Shape, Space & Measure.

This reflects the practical creative curriculum approach SSM. Pupil is working within age band 40-60 months (CA 4:11 = 59 months)

Understanding of the World

  • Pupil made progress across all aspects
  • Progress in technology is an area of strength and pupil achieved ELG in this aspect.
  • Least progress made in understanding the World reflecting the impact of language deprivation (deafness).

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Progress in Exploring and Using Media and Materials is an area of strength, pupil achieved ELG.
  • Pupil is working within 40-60 months for Being Imaginative (CA 4:11 = 59 months).

This reflects the appropriateness of a creative curriculum approach with our pupils.


Pupil has made good / outstanding progress across all aspects of the EYFS curriculum.

KS1 Performance (2 pupils in cohort):


  • Both pupils made 1 level of progress


  • 50% made 1 level of progress and 50% made 2 levels of progress.


Progress is stronger in maths than Literacy.

  • 50% made 2 levels of progress and 50% made 3 levels of progress.

KS2 Performance (1 pupil in cohort):

1 Y6 pupil left in Autumn 2016 – no data for the end of KS2 available.
1 Y6 pupil joined Royal Cross in KS2 – No KS1 data available.
Y6 pupil has made the following progress (PIVATS) since the end of KS1.

Achievement in Literacy reflects the nature of pupils SEN.


  • 1 pupil made at least 2 levels of progress.


  • 1 pupil made at least 3 levels of progress.


  • 1 pupil made 2 levels of progress.

All pupils

Progress is stronger in writing in addition to academic attainment, specialist Communication Assessments and records of Personal & Social Development provide evidence of outstanding pupil achievement. 

This outstanding progress is due to intensive support by specialist staff, the enthusiasm of pupils and a strong partnership with parents.

‘Communication is Key’

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