Remote Learning Support

Please remember to check the class web site areas for additional home learning support along with Class Dojo.

Please see the Information For Families on Remote Learning included below.

Royal Cross Primary School ESPRESSO home access

Due to popular demand we have once again subscribed to ESPRESSO HOME LEARNING for the next school year.

You will find links to all curriculum areas and a dedicated area just for computer coding.

Click on the link to access the Espresso Home Learning site, don't forget you will need your log in details. 

Contact school if you have any difficulty or have lost your log on details....

This is a really useful site for curriculum resources and includes quite a lot of BSL links.
There are also lots of links to lovely themed resources.

Discovery Espresso Home Learning

DfE Hungry Little Minds Campaign

The DfE have launched a new Hungry Little Minds campaign around home learning. 

More information can be found here:

The new Hungry Little Minds website for parents can be found at:

Though it’s not aimed specifically at parents of deaf children,

we feel the tips work just as well with deaf children, whether they talk or sign.

Files to Download

‘Communication is Key’