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Welcome to Royal Cross Primary School for Deaf Children

We have had our latest OFSTED short  inspection and we can say ....

"This school continues to be outstanding!"

26th June 2019

Click to link to the Ofsted Report.

Our School Ethos

Our distinctive character, spirit and positive attitude will deliver a tailored, creative learning experience for every deaf pupil. Sustained by high professional and personal standards we will commit ourselves to the development of Royal Cross as a centre of excellence for deaf children.

Our School Vision

Our vision is to guarantee specialist provision which will empower deaf children and prepare them for the modern world.

Our Aims

  • To nurture successful and confident learners.
  • To develop independent and responsible citizens.
  • To foster strong and positive family relationships.
  • To build a strong, effective team of qualified specialists in deaf education.
  • To provide children with an excellent education in a caring and understanding environment through a creative curriculum.

Here are some of the things OFSTED have said....

'This is an Outstanding school.'

'Children entering the early year's provision make an exceptional start to their schooling'.

'The school's work in developing communication is fundamental to all aspects of pupil's learning'.

'All pupils make significant and sustained progress in English, mathematics, science and computing.'

'The quality of teaching is outstanding.'

'The behaviour of pupils is outstanding.'

'Royal Cross has a team of exceptionally gifted and skillful teachers of the deaf and teaching assistants.



‘Communication is Key’