About our Curriculum

What will children learn?

Our pupils follow the National Primary Curriculum, delivered through a creative approach that boosts their enjoyment and achievement. There is a whole school ‘Topic’ each term with an emphasis on language development and the acquisition of essential skills. Our curriculum includes themed teaching linked to whole school topics that are launched at the beginning of each term through creative 'Art Days'. The curriculum is enriched by a wide range of educational visits and a variety of sporting activities. Personal & social development is given a high profile throughout the school day within ‘Circle Time’, Deaf Studies and cross-curricular opportunities so that all pupils have a voice, gain good self-esteem and a positive view of themselves. 

In order to improve pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development our curriculum promotes basic British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs. At a suitable level, this helps the children to understand the importance of respect so that when they leave school they are fully prepared for life in modern Britain. It is also essential to learn protective behaviours for personal safety both online and 'out and about'.

Our whole curriculum enables pupils to develop:

  • skills and strategies to overcome communication difficulties
  • personal & social confidence and safety
  • independent learning and academic success

We take great care to ensure that statutory requirements for assemblies and RE are met and provide an introduction to Sex & Relationships Education whilst recognising and respecting pupils’ cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  Parents have the right to withdraw their children from these areas of the curriculum but we encourage them to ensure that children are appropriately informed before moving on to secondary school. 

How will they be taught?

Pupils are taught by Teachers of the Deaf in small class groups supported by specialist Teaching Assistants. The high level of staffing allows for individual and small group work as needed and the pace and style of teaching is modified to ensure all children can access lessons and make good progress.  Pupils also have the opportunity to be taught with mainstream peers from local schools both on and off site with support from Royal Cross. All staff have specialist qualifications ensuring an excellent quality of support for children’s individual learning needs. Intensive work on phonics using visual cues to support lip and spelling patterns enables pupils to develop reading skills. We use a wide range of commercial reading schemes and use the Letter and Sound Scheme for phonics along with specific resources including VisPhons and sign graphics to support literacy.

We provide an inclusive communication environment that ensures full access to all aspects of school life and allows for incidental learning.
Pupils develop language naturally though interaction with all members of the school community supplemented by structured teaching. This is difficult to achieve outside a specialist environment such as Royal Cross Primary School.
We offer child driven approaches to communication including speech & language therapy, signing and PECS so that all pupils can develop age appropriate language in ways best suited to their individual needs. Speech and signing are used in whatever combination works best for each child and all pupils have individual communication targets agreed between the Teachers of the Deaf and Speech and Language Therapist.

Staff are highly skilled in working with a wide range of hearing aid and cochlear implant equipment and ensure that these are well maintained so that maximum benefit can be gained.

Curriculum Policies 

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Sessions are delivered by the PE coordinator.

Discrete teaching is based on the locally agreed syllabus established by the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) supplemented by assemblies, multi-cultural celebrations and educational visits.


This is an important area of our curriculum and helps prepare pupils for future independence,

citizenship, healthy lifestyles and personal safety.

It includes Deaf Studies and has a high profile throughout the day, within 'Circle Time'

and cross curricular links so that all pupils develop good self esteem,  

a positive view of themselves and are prepared for life in modern Britain.

Pupils' learning and enjoyment is boosted by a weekly afternoon of activities

including yoga, drama, music, library skills and computing.

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‘Communication is Key’