Our enrichment curriculum aims to give our pupils fun, enjoyable experiences, whilst they learn new skills and grow socially and emotionally. The activities are taught by visiting coaches/teachers and Royal Cross staff, so the pupils are learning to adjust to new faces and different teaching approaches, which is in turn good for their personal, social and emotional development. 
This year our enrichment curriculum covers : Tennis, Archery, Judo and sessions from PNE!

Autumn Term

Larch Class : Tennis.      

Sycamore Class: Tennis.        

Cherry Class: PNE

Willow Class: Archery.      

Oak Class: Judo


Spring Term

Larch Class/Sycamore :  PNE

Cherry Class : Judo

Willow Class : Tennis

Oak Class : Archery

Take a look at the photos and click on the links below for some entertaining videos from last years enrichment activities!

Cherry Class Music

Oak Class First Aid

Keep your eyes posted for more photos!

‘Communication is Key’