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Royal Cross School Career Leaders as follows:

Sofia Parveen, Headteacher:

John Vare, Deaf Tutor:

Deaf young people and careers ...

NEW! Let’s Work it Out conference catch-up now available on-demand

Following National Careers Week, don’t miss your chance to access over 10 hours of recordings and resources from last year’s conference, which was dedicated to deaf young people and employment. Let’s Work it Out is now available to watch on-demand at a time and place to suit you. Discover inspirational and useful information to help you support deaf young people as they transition from school, college or university into employment.

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NEW! Technology for Inclusion and Independence: E-learning modules

NDCS are delighted to offer this brand-new series of FREE e-learning modules. It’s the perfect place to start learning about the technology available to help deaf children and young people in their education, work and life in general. It will give you a good understanding of how technology can support inclusion and independence. Each module takes about 30 minutes to complete.

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Financial Support for Deaf Students

Thanks to the National Sensory Impairment Partnership (NATSIP) for sharing this fact sheet on Disability Student Allowance.

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