Headteachers Welcome

What is special about our school?

Royal Cross is the Lancashire school for deaf children, based in Preston with pupils from across the region. We are a small school with small classes staffed full time by Qualified Teachers of the Deaf and highly skilled Teaching Assistants.

We believe ‘communication is the key’ to success and everything we do is geared towards developing language and communication skills. Our approaches are tailored to individual needs with signing and speech used in whatever combination works best for each child, including access to Speech & Language Therapists, a BSL trained instructor and Elklan trained Teaching Assistants. This ensures that pupils don’t miss out on any part of the day and have the best chance of success.  Early Intervention with communication is essential in raising the attainment of deaf children and at Royal Cross we welcome requests for pre-school placements.

Emotional wellbeing is a key area at Royal Cross and priority is given to nurturing our children's personal development and welfare. We know that happy, healthy and safe children get the most out of school. At Royal Cross deaf children have a peer group and role models to strengthen their social confidence and promote positive attitudes and self-esteem. Safeguarding is an essential priority and pupils learn protective behaviours for their personal safety and a zero tolerance for bullying in any form. Everyone feels included in all aspects of school life and can enjoy learning and achieve well.

The school has an excellent staffing level providing a happy, secure and supportive environment. There is a wealth of expertise, specialist resources and highly qualified staff to create a positive climate for learning. Children have the best of both worlds – lots of individual attention in small groups and inclusion links with mainstream Primary schools. We also work closely with secondary schools to ensure a smooth and positive transition to the next phase of their education.

The curriculum is creative, relevant and stimulating with excellent ICT provision and a wide range of sporting opportunities. A themed approach and personalised learning programmes enable pupils to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

We work in partnership with families and encourage them to be fully involved in their children's learning. Many parents and siblings join in with the wide range of family activities on offer and take advantage of the support available if needed. We believe in a strong school community with everyone working in partnership to support the children.

We are very proud of our school and children so come along, take a look and ask questions!  We welcome all visits from families and will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Sofia Parveen 



‘Communication is Key’