Home Learning/Homework

The children in Cherry Class are still on a very much practical/exploratory-based curriculum, with more formal learning taking place in parts, increasing this as and when the children are developmentally ready.

At this stage of their development, building on language and communcation is our biggest focus.

For this reason, we ask that that you regularly do the following things with your children:

  • Read to your child.

Reading with your child is essential in their language development, creating countless language development opportunites. We therefore encourage you to read with your child on a daily basis. Even just sharing a picture book, looking at it together, with no other disctractions, creates the perfect opportunity for developing the early stages of communication.

  • Make time to talk

Building on vocabulary is of paramount importance, especially in children with delayed language. We ask that, even more so than normal, you go that extra mile in giving your children extra time to talk together. You can go on Winter walks, play games, look at picture books, visit family or try new things - all the while talking about what you are doing - building up your child's vocabulary through concrete experiences.

  • Be aware of what your child is learning in school and support this at home

On the Cherry Class home page is the termly newsletter detailing what your child is learning in school and ideas of things you could do at home to support our topic. Your child's Personal Learning Plan (PLP) is sent home once a term where we inform you of your child's individual targets which we will also be working on in class. It would be great if you could support them in working towards these targets at home. As ever, we are always on hand to give you ideas or support in supporting your child's learning. Please don'e hesitate to get in touch.

‘Communication is Key’