Willow Gallery

On Wednedy 25h January 2023, Willow class enjoyed a visit from the 'First Responders'.  The children learnt how to call for help if they saw and injured person.  They had a go at putting on bandages and a sling.  They also learnt how to put a person into the recovery position.

On week beginning 6th February 2023 'Bikeability' visited school.  Each class had 2 sessions outside on the bikes.  They all learnt new skills.  The children were taught how to use the brakes and how to use hand signals to turn right or left.  They all really enjoyed this.

On Thursday 23rd March 2023 the police came to visit school once again.  They talked about 'Hate Crime' at the children's level, explaining that it was 'OK' to be different in what ever way.  The children had the opportunity to try on the handcuffs and have a look at the baton.  At the end of the visit Willow class went and had another look at the police car.  They all really enjoyed this.

On Tuesday 2nd May we had a visit from Wayne Sharples who is a BSL story teller.  Wayne told the children the sort of The Gruffalo.  The children really enjoyed it.

On Friday 5th May in the morning we had a visit from Aaron and Tina with Aaron's hearing dog Elle.   The children asked Aaron lots of questions about how his dog helped him.  We all enjoyed them visiting school.   Then on Friday afternoon we had another visit by the fire service.  The children worked in groups looking at different aspects of fire safety.  Unfortunately the fire engine wasn't able to come but we are going to organise a visit to the fire station soon.

On Tuesday 23rd May in our ICT lesson, Jay Mehta a pupil from Archbishop Temple High School came into Willow and Oak class to do some 'coding' with the children.  They learnt how to make a cat chase a mouse.  They all really enjoyed their coding lesson.  

On Wednesday 7th June Jurassic Joel visited school to carry out a science workshop with the children. Jurrasic Joel showed the children how air travels.  They were amazed. They looked at how electricity can travel trough the body and light up a light bulb.  They made sherbet and they all tried it, some liked it and some didn't.  The children all made their own slime too!


‘Communication is Key’